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Affinity - Building Automation Drive

1hp - 200hp(0.75kW - 132kW)

200V / 400V / 575V / 690V

Affinity is Control Techniques’ dedicated AC Drive for HVAC and refrigeration systems, designed specifically to meet the needs of consultants, contractors and owners of modern commercial buildings. Affinity offers all of the drive functionality and accessories to simply and efficiently solve your fan, pump and compressor applications. Affinity is available with IP21 (NEMA 1) and IP54 (NEMA 4) environmental protection.

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Commander HSK - Definite Purpose HVAC Drive

0.33 - 200hp (0.25kW - 132kW)

115V / 208 - 240V / 380 - 480V / 575V / 690V

Commander HSK is a compact, easy-to-use general purpose drive that delivers excellent motor control and offers great value.. The drive modules are compact and offer excellent motor control. With onboard intelligence, I/O, Ethernet and fieldbus communications options, commander hsk allows you to do far more than you would expect from a standard open loop drive.

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Cooling Tower VFD Control Packages (1-200HP)

Designed for outdoor mounting, these products offer the latest in microprocessor and IGBT VFD technology in a packaged controller, designed to control a cooling tower. World class quality in design and manufacture, competitive pricing and uncompromising performance make Emerson packaged drives the most versatile and reliable cooling tower control packages available. They are also an excellent solution choice for other outdoor HVACR applications such as rooftop air handling units, air-cooled chillers, condenser fans, pump and compressors.

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VFD Bypass Control packages (1-600HP)

Economical and Efficient Fan and Pump Control

Control Techniques’ packaged products feature Affinity or Commander HSK VFDs. These FPCs (Fan and Pump Controller) are easy to specify. Fire Alarm modes and Fireman's Override are built in. Damper control and automatic transfer to bypass on VFD fault provide the flexibility to meet the most demanding installations without adding options.

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Active Front End Control Packages (30-600HP)

Designed to meet the HVAC industry’s demand for clean power, Emerson offers the latest in both microprocessor and power semiconductor technology providing the industry with economical, compact and highly flexible active front end drive packages.

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